Daniela & George Ventro

As first-time parents not from the area, enrolling our little girl in a toddler program was a decision we didn’t take lightly.  We searched the area and toured ten different centers.  Not satisfied, we continued with our Google search hoping to turn up a name we hadn’t yet explored.  Main Street Children’s Academy was the last place we visited, and it instantly felt right.

A smaller center without the corporate feel, where the staff feels like family, they treat your child as their own, and serve the kids REAL food.  We’re coming up on a year of enrollment and our little girl has loved going since day one.  We didn’t experience the adjustment period that many parents warned us about and she even asks to go during the weekend.  Each morning she runs in to see her teachers, who have embraced her every quirk, and has learned so much while still being encouraged to just be a kid.  You’ll love their monthly calendar of what’s happening, the sheer volume of arts and crafts they bring home, the new songs and books they’ll learn, and the much appreciated updates the teachers provide.

Main Street isn’t a daycare with babysitters; it’s an early childhood development academy with teachers who wholeheartedly care about developing your child to their fullest, and at their own rate.  We’re so thankful for the peace of mind they provide us with each day that we drop her off and head to work.